volunteer-collage****HOLIDAY VOLUNTEERING INFORMATION 2016*****

: Our volunteer opportunities for Thanksgiving Day have all been filled. Thank you for your interest!


CHRISTMAS DAY VOLUNTEERS: All of our volunteer opportunities for Christmas Day have been filled. For group and individual opportunities between December 19th and December 30th, please send an email to info@the-inn.org.


*Please note, all volunteers during serving times must be at least 16 years old.




Our volunteers are a fundamental part of our success. Thanks to their dedication, passion and commitment to our mission, we are able to meet the needs of thousands of needy Long Islanders. Without them our mission could not be wholly fulfilled.


As a volunteer, you will provide much needed additional help and support to our organization, and we assure you that your experience at The INN will be an unforgettable one.


Here’s what our volunteers have to say:

  • “We are able to assist people in some way that may make their lives a little better.”
  • “Excellent aura of people working together for the goodness of others.”
  • “This is a place of light and love.  It is an honor to be here.”
  • “We’re all races, religions, ages and walks of life coming together to help others who are similarly diverse.”
  • “The sense of community service and working with like-minded volunteers.”
  • “I can make a mess in the kitchen and still be thanked for it!”


Try it for a Day

Become a Regular Volunteer

Group Volunteers

Student Volunteers

Become a Speaker

Volunteer at the CTC (Volunteers who speak Spanish are in need)



***NEW Volunteer Opportunity!***
Volunteer at the CTC Clothing Boutique- Click for more info - Volunteers are needed to help at the clothing boutique at the Center for Transformative Change. To try it for a day, or commit to one or more days a week, please contact Nancy Burke at 516-489-3238 or nburke@the-inn.org