2020 Fact Sheet

The INN’s 2020 Fact Sheet 

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Thanks to the generosity of the Long Island community (donors and volunteers), The INN was able to serve everyone who came to its doors during Covid/2020.  This includes those who came to The INN for food, shelter, clothing and other emergency services.



The  “2020 Fact Sheet” summarizes “what happened” at The INN in 2020.  The numbers tell the story of a record-breaking year.  Behind the numbers are countless examples of individuals and groups responding in extraordinary ways in an extraordinary year.  These examples include The INN office staff relocating to the Mary Brennan INN to keep it operating in the earliest and darkest days of Covid;  the Town of Hempstead awarding The INN a $1 million grant for emergency food supplies; and volunteers at Maria Regina Church in Seaford preparing over 65,000 sandwiches for The INN’s guests.



During the Covid era, there has been a significant uptick in “new” guests at The INN – more than 2,200.  There is also an extreme change in the demographics of those served at the Mary Brennan INN.  Prior to Covid, 90% of those arriving came as individuals and 10% came as a family unit.  After March of 2020, more than 50% of those arriving were families.  At the Center for Transformative Change (CTC), there were close to 17,000 visits (representing a more than 100% increase in just two years).  The CTC staff worked tirelessly to prevent homelessness as individuals and families lost their income.



The meaning of statistics is always brought more fully to life when they can be connected to living and breathing individuals.  In December, a young mother, along with her two daughters, came to CTC greatly concerned about losing her apartment.  Her landlord had been steadily increasing her rent.  The money she earned from making jewelry, plus her savings, could not keep up with the increases.  The INN discovered the woman’s housing benefits were not being applied correctly.  After speaking with the landlord, there was an adjustment made to an affordable monthly rent.   Here was a case of a well-intentioned, single mom working hard to support her family, and still feeling she was about to fall into the nightmare of homelessness.  Because of The INN’s reputation she knew where to go for help, meaningful help.

For the most vulnerable in our midst, 2021 promises to be another year of uncertainty.  As a “new normal” slowly emerges, and if history is any guide, those who are hungry and homeless will be the ones most likely to be left out and left behind.  We at The INN will continue to do what we do best – “partner with those in need in a dignified and respectful manner to help them achieve self-sufficiency”.


You can help in 2021 by:

  • Keeping The INN in your prayers
  • Making a contribution to The INN
  • Sharing our story with your family, friends and neighbors


Thank you.