2021 Fact Sheet

The INN’s 2021 Fact Sheet


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March 23, 2022


When I look back on 2021, I am grateful for all that The INN was able to accomplish.  We so appreciate all who provided their time or money to make what we do possible. The volunteers gave their time again and again to deliver The INN’s special mission to serve those in need.  The pandemic may be ending, but those with lower incomes seem to be impacted more deeply, and their recovery takes longer.  You are the “safety net” because you sustain us, and for that I am eternally grateful. We are proof that by working together thousands of lives are that much better.


The “2021 Fact Sheet” tells the story that those who are homeless and hungry among us are single people and families and seniors.  Because the Mary Brennan INN (MBI) is not just a soup kitchen, volunteers know that depending on the day, we will distribute pantry baskets, diapers and socks, toiletries, PPE kits and so much more than a meal.   We were happy to reopen access to the Clothing Boutique in March, which for many guests is like spring itself; they ask for new clothes for their children and themselves that brighten their day.   Each guest who comes to The INN has a name and a story.  Every one of them matters to us. The staff and volunteers listen to their needs and by doing so provide what we all expect from others—to be treated with care, respect, and most of all, dignity.  That is why no pictures are ever taken of the guests who need us. Over 4,000 guests and their families came to our doors in 2021; 1,624 were new to The INN this year. 


The year saw many firsts for The INN. We introduced a barcode system so we could understand how each guest uses our services. The Center for Transformative Change (CTC) has been a critical part for many of the guests’ journeys.  In addition to maintaining virtual mental health counselling, Central Nassau Guidance (CNG) sent staff to talk to the guests waiting on line for a meal or clothing and talked about what The INN could do to help them beyond these immediate needs. The Long Island Federally Qualified Health Center sent a nurse on site to meet with the guests. We offered COVID vaccinations in addition to the regular flu vaccinations.  Without our many partners in the community we could not do all that we do, and we know we need to do more.


2022 is looking to be a year when we hope to see less need for meals, but a greater need for CTC.  You can help by sharing the story of what we do with your friends and family, and by helping The INN directly in whatever way you can—with time, money, or in-kind donations. Thanks for all you do and for never ceasing to inspire us.  You remain forever in our prayers of gratitude.







Jean Kelly, Executive Director, The INN 


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