This Donation “Takes the Cake”

After receiving a generous donation of a special Dominican cake mix from a Brooklyn-based bakery, we asked why Angela’s Dominican Cake Mix decided to donate their product to guests of the Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen. Here’s what Rosangela (Angela’s daughter) had to say INN her own words.


Finding the right non-profit organization to partner with can be tough; we wondered, will our donation get to the people who need it? Will they respect our intention and take it seriously? Will they show care for our beloved product? 


YES, YES and YES. We are thrilled to be able to provide support to a community of people in need by partnering with The INN. Recently, we donated enough boxes of our gourmet Dominican Cake Mix to feed more than 300 families. 

In a time of so much economic turmoil and financial uncertainty, Angela’s Dominican Cakes is hopeful that the little we can give can help those in need, and maybe can even be contagious. 


The INN, which operates the largest soup kitchen on Long Island, emergency shelters, a long-term housing program and a free clothing boutique & resource center, is a working model and great example for nearly forty years of how to unite the community to overcome the challenge of hunger and homelessness. The staff is so professional and caring, and we are impressed by their operation. Angela’s Dominican Cakes is grateful for what they do and will continue to work with them and like-minded organizations that fulfill our mission to give back with faith.


A special thank you to Christian Aguilera, Chief Facilities Officer at The INN, for your support and collaboration. 


-Rosangela Rosario, Angela’s Dominican Cake Mix


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