Sponsor a Meal

Sponsor a Meal


The INN is pleased to offer a way to support our work and provide a unique gift to honor a loved one or special moment.


Many people sponsor meals in honor of the passing of loved ones, to commemorate a family or special birthday, as original and special wedding gifts, or just to give back to the community as some businesses and organizations come together with their employees and do. There is no limit to the occasions of giving the gift of food to Long Islanders who are hungry and needy.


When Sponsoring a Meal, the donor contributes the funds to help cover the cost of the meal being served on a given day. Donors have the option to select the type of meal, vegetarian or a meat main course, and are welcome to come in and help prepare and serve the meal on that special day.


It’s truly a gift for our guests when members of the community offer to Sponsor a Meal. On the sponsored day, guests are informed that the meal is being sponsored and the reason for the sponsorship. All special Sponsored Meals come with a beautifully printed menu and personalized thank you letter in a special folder as a memento to the occasion for which you are sponsoring your meal.


If you cannot sponsor an entire meal, which costs $1,500, any monetary donation can be applied towards the meal purchase for any of our soup kitchens. For example, a $300 donation may help to pay for an entrée or the desserts, etc. Every dollar helps!!


For further information, please contact Cynthia Sucich, Director of Communications, at (516) 486-8506 ext. 115 or csucich@the-inn.org