Soup Kitchens

Soup Kitchens

From a single soup kitchen in 1983, The INN currently has a network of soup kitchens in different locations across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Each soup kitchen works independently to ultimately uphold the mission and goals of The INN; to serve hungry and homeless Long Islanders with dignity, respect and love. With the exception of the Mary Brennan INN in Hempstead, our first and largest soup kitchen, which has a small group of full-time staff, all of our soup kitchens are run entirely by volunteers. These selfless individuals give their time and effort week after week, year after year, many for decades to help their neighbors in need.


Nassau County

Freeport INN – Freeport 
Mary Brennan INN – Hempstead


Suffolk County

Bethany Hospitality INN – Central Islip
 Mercy INN – Wyandanch
 Thee Island INN – Middle Island