11-Year-Old Hosts “Kids Give Back” Gift Card Party - 06/11/2019

11-year-old James and his family really wanted to Get INNvolved and help their community members in need. Last Christmas, the family went to NYC during the winter and handed out gloves and hats to homeless people living on the street. James’ mother JaneEllen said, “James was so touched by this and wanted to do more. So they planned for a day where all his friends would come for a fun “Kids Give Back” party. They were all asked to bring a gift card as a donation.  23 boys attended the party. After a fun day of playing basketball, hockey and football, all decked out in INN t-shirts (purchased by James’ mom and dad), the give back party collected over $800 in gift cards!


It wasn’t James’ birthday or a special occasion. After the event, JaneEllen shared with us, “James was so happy he could make his friends aware of
The INN and the ways they could help others. He hopes that they helped other kids and families and made them happy.”


Great job James! The gift cards will be used to purchase specific items that guests living in INN shelters and visiting the Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen need the most.


If you would prefer to write a check for your donation please make your check payable to The INN. Our mailing address is 211 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550.