Frequently Asked Questions

As a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization, The INN provides a broad variety of essential services to assist those challenged by hunger, homelessness and profound poverty. We partner with those in need in a dignified and respectful manner to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

The INN was founded in 1983 as a single soup kitchen run by a small group of concerned volunteers.  Working at a church in Hempstead, New York, the volunteers discovered that not only were there large numbers of hungry people on Long Island, but that individuals working together could make a difference in their lives.The volunteers began to form a network of soup kitchens to feed hungry Long Islanders. Soon after the Hempstead soup kitchen began operations, others opened in Long Beach and Central Islip. The INN opened its first emergency shelter in 1984. The INN began to plan and institute a series of wide-ranging programs to help people from all over Long Island who were plagued by hunger and homelessness. Today, The INN operates the Mary Brennan INN, the largest soup kitchen on Long Island, as well as the Center for Transformative Change, a resource center and free clothing and housewares boutique, as well as emergency and long-term housing shelters. 

The INN was started by Pat O’Connor, a mother of nine, and Michael Moran, then a Chaplain at Hofstra University, who had been taking student volunteers to work at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn.  Moran felt that there was a need for a soup kitchen closer to home. So he advertised for volunteers, 30 people responded, among them was Jean Kelly, an executive at a Long Island advertising agency. Jean Kelly is currently the Executive Director of The INN.

The largest soup kitchen on Long Island, emergency shelters, long-term housing, a resource center and clothing boutique are the types of services we offer.  For detailed descriptions of each service click the Services tab on our homepage. 

Since 1983, The INN has served over 15 million meals in Long Island communities. Currently, The INN helps provide over 200,000 meals annually to both children and adults.

Guests usually walk through a serving line similar to that of a cafeteria.  However, guests are also given the option to take a bagged lunch.

The INN’s emergency shelters (one family shelter and one shelter for homeless men) provide emergency housing to approximately 1,000 homeless individuals annually. That is an average of 70 people and up to 20 families nightly.

People who need our services find out about us from several sources (government, religious and community organizations) and we receive referrals from other agencies and even from our guests.  Everyone can help us to spread the word about our work…tell people about The INN and what we do.

Food, clothing, and personal care are always welcome. To help ensure that our facilities continue to be maintained in the manner necessary to adequately serve our guests, you can also help by sending a monetary donation to The INN. Take a look at the Donate Funds and How You Can Help sections of our site to find more detailed information regarding this issue.

We depend on support from individuals, schools, religious organizations, community groups, businesses and foundations. The INN also receives local, county, state and federal funding.

The INN has the support of generous individuals, religious, educational groups, community groups, corporations and foundations who have provided critical funding to help meet the growing needs of poverty-stricken Long Islanders.  The INN also receives local, county, state and federal funding. 

Please visit our Donate Funds page. There you will be able to donate online along with instructions and other ways to get your donation to us.

Yes. The INN is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  For more information regarding this issue, please visit  There you will find a detailed description of exemption requirements for 501(c)(3) organizations and how you can get a tax deduction for your donation. 

Since 1983 The INN has planned and instituted a series of wide-ranging programs to help people from all over Long Island who are plagued by hunger and homelessness. We invite you to take a look around our website and come in for a tour of our facilities to see exactly how your contribution is helping those in need.

Click the Volunteer tab on our homepage, and complete the online volunteer registration form.  An INN representative will then contact you within the next few business days.

To ensure that our volunteers fully comprehend the serious responsibility of serving those who are hungry and homeless, we ask that volunteers are at least in high school (and 16 years of age) before they may volunteer during hours when the guests are present.  However, don’t forget that there are other ways to help.  Those who are younger may come in, accompanied by an adult, during after-serving hours to help with things such as donation organization. Check out our How to Help or Youth and Family Involvement pages on our website for more information.

We are not currently hiring interns at The INN.  If you wish to volunteer as an intern and are over 16 years of age, you will always be welcomed.

Among The INN’s soup kitchen, 2 emergency shelters, resource center & clothing boutique and 10 long-term housing programs located around Long Island we have the help of roughly 1,500 volunteers and a full-time staff of 53.

  • A food bank solicits, collects, stores and distributes large quantities of food products to food programs, such as food pantries.
  • A food pantry provides three to five day food packages that go directly to families and individuals who  have a place to live, but not enough food. These packages are meant to provide nutritionally balanced, simple meals.
  • A soup kitchen provides walk-in guests with a prepared hot and nutritious meal.  In addition, basic needs such as non-perishable food, clothing and household necessities, psychological needs such as motivation, self esteem and rehabilitation, and social needs such as support systems and meaningful relationships are also offered in some locations.

Our main office is located at 211 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550.  The Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen is located at 100 Madison Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550.  Driving directions can be obtained through

You may reach us by first-class mail, email, or phone.  The INN’s Main Office is located at 211 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550.  The phone is (516) 486-8506 and our e-mail address is  To view us online, please visit

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If you would prefer to write a check for your donation please make your check payable to The INN. Our mailing address is 211 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550.