Soup Kitchens: The INN’s 10 soup kitchens (in 14 locations) serve more than 250,000 meals annually to hungry children, adults and seniors.  Most of the soup kitchens are operated by volunteers.  Much of the food is donated by individuals, schools, religious and community groups, and businesses.


Emergency Shelters: The INN operates 3 emergency shelters in Nassau County: two of the shelters are dedicated to providing temporary refuge for homeless families, and one provides temporary refuge to homeless men.


Long-Term Housing:The INN provides 10 formerly homeless families with safe, affordable housing in the Long Term Housing Program throughout Long Island.  These families receive case management services to assist them in reaching goals of self-sufficiency and independence.


Veterans Housing: The INN collaborates with veterans groups to provide housing and supportive services for homeless veterans who have completed substance-abuse rehabilitation programs.  Supportive services are provided to individuals residing in a SRO setting.  Funding for this program is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Supportive Services: The INN’s model program focuses on the cause of homelessness, empowering families to become self-sufficient.  Social workers work with volunteers and staff to provide residents in the Long-Term Housing Program with comprehensive supportive services including: counseling and case management, life skills training, tenancy and home management, educational tutoring for children and parents, and vocational training.


Center for Transformative Change (CTC): The INN’s newest facility, opened in January 2016, is a Resource Center and free clothing boutique to assist guests of the Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen to improve their life circumstances and become more self-sufficient.