Donate Goods

Donate Goods

We thank you in advance for considering The INN as a recipient of your donated goods and supplies. Sponsoring a collection drive of items for guests of The INN is a great way to Get INNvolved. Not only is it a fun activity, but the items collected will help guests with basic necessities. All types of items are accepted. See below to get started!


We are INN Need

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FAQ’s For Donating Goods

Find out donation drop-off schedule and contact info



The INN operates the Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen, the largest soup kitchen on Long Island where over 62,000 meals are served annually. You can help us by hosting a food drive in your community of non-perishable, shelf-stable food items. Click for a list of our most needed food items.


On some occasions, we will accept pre-cooked food that has not been served (surplus from a restaurant, caterer or home or office meal function). Cooked food MUST be wrapped and secured to prevent spills or contamination. Food must be kept refrigerated (or frozen) prior to donation.
To make special arrangements for donating cooked foods, please email


If you grow vegetables during the summer months, please think about planting an extra row for us and donating the items to our soup kitchens and family emergency shelters.


CLOTHING DRIVE (in-season only)

There are many Long Islanders who also need clothing for themselves and family members. By holding a clothing drive, for in-season items, you are providing guests with appropriate clothing for interviews, special occasions, as well as children’s clothing for the school year. During the months of November and December, the Mary Brennan INN will only accept the following items: hats, scarves, gloves, coats, boots and blankets. Other clothing items will be accepted in mid-January.



Have you ever tried to take a shower without a towel? Or soap? The Mary Brennan INN also provides clean, accessible showers for any guest in need. To provide this service, we need approximately 10,000 towels per year, along with travel size toiletry items (soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste),. For a list of suggested personal care items for your drive, click here.



“Little guests make up about 40% of The INN’s guest population. We ask you to consider hosting a drive exclusively for baby care items.  Click here for a list.



How do you get to school, work, doctor’s appointments, social work appointments or anywhere if you don’t have any means of transportation? We provide single-ride and round-trip Metro Cards for guests to get to where they need to go. Please consider holding a Metro Card drive or donating the funds to purchase cards.



As guests move into permanent housing, they are in need of basic household items. Some of the items we could use and commonly distribute to guests are small appliances (coffee makers, alarm clocks, fans, toasters, blenders, and crock pots), dishes, cooking and eating utensils, pots, pans, drink ware and other basic items for the home. Donations must be clean and functional, and must be packaged in a manner to prevent breakage. *We are unable to accept furniture or large household items at this time.



The INN welcomes car donations, which can be sold at auction to generate funds for our programs, or if the car is still operational, we have a unique program for qualified guests who demonstrate a great need and ability to maintain the car. Someone in need may be awarded your used car. For details about how to donate your car, please email



The INN’s facilities department is responsible for the general maintenance and upgrades of the shelters, long-term housing facilities, as well as the administrative and soup kitchen facilities. We always welcome donations from corporate partners who have surplus of building or cleaning supplies, construction tools, lighting, flooring, appliances or commercial vehicles they wish to donate. For details,  please email



Get information about drop-off times, contact information and more here:

FAQ’s For Donating Goods



Rivkin Radler food and 4630 dollar donation

Rivkin Radler Food Donation