INN Gratitude Podcast #2 – “Shannon’s Fight & the Holiday Surprise” - 01/06/2021

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On December 22nd, while speaking on “The Launchcast,” a podcast hosted by Farmingdale native and CEO of Launchpad 516 George Andriopolous, Dana Lopez, The INN’s Director of Marketing & Communications received a pleasant surprise and accepted a generous end of year donation of $10,000 for The INN. The gift came from “Shannon’s Fight,” an organization on Long Island whose goal is to support families in need.


George sits on the board of Directors for Shannon’s Fight, along with his fellow board members, Dana and James Battaglia, who were guest hosting on the show that night, and were thrilled to be able to make the official announcement that Shannon’s Fight chose The INN as one of their beneficiaries for their 2020 end of year gift.

After the dust settled from the holidays and the conclusion of 2020, Dana was able to sit down (virtually) with George, and properly thank them for their support of The INN, and recognizing the need that has inevitably grown throughout this past year.



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About Shannon’s Fight
The goal of Shannon’s Fight is to provide individuals in medical crisis, as well as their families, with financial support.  Additionally, we may from time to time provide funding for research, or to other non-profits. Shannon’s Fight is dedicated to increasing knowledge and awareness of all diseases and illnesses that we come across in our recipients, and to provide every individual an opportunity to receive the highest quality of care, as well as to support their families through the recovery process.

If you would prefer to write a check for your donation please make your check payable to The INN. Our mailing address is 211 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550.